ProCeSI / About us

Prognostické Centrum pre Spoločenskú Integráciu
Forecasting Centre for Social Integration
The mission of the Forecasting Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences is to predict future events or conditions, to identify the main challenges of  development and preparation of qualified responses needed to achieve strategic goals . Business of the Prognostic Institute of SAS is interdisciplinary basic and applied research in the following areas : a) the theoretical, methodological and conceptual problems of forecasting of the development of Slovak society in the national and global context; b ) the social dimension of global environmental changes; c ) co-evolution of institutional and technological changes .

Consistent with its mission and activity, Institute for Forecasting of the Slovak Academy of Sciences supports the initiative process - Forecasting Centre for Social Integration, which responds to public demand and the growing importance of the need for public policies in the field of integration.

The ProCeSi initiative aims to create a space for communication and prognostic research especially in the field of demographic and ethnic development, migration and integration . The ambition is to contribute to the process of professional , governmental and public debates and decision-making processes through expert analyzes , arguments and proposals aimed at the development of Slovak society, a better integration of ethnic groups , preventing discrimination and the enhancement of civil society. Output of the initiative ProCeSi is supported by research based on objective methods and  expertise and comprehensive , multidisciplinary and innovative processing of analysis results.

The ProCeSi brings together experts with high professional reputation at home and abroad. Its members are scientists from different disciplines, within the staff  Institute for Forecasting, other institutes of  SAS, universities and colleges , as well as governmental and non-governmental institutions . Center supports a wide range of activities including field research, analysis, consultation, expertise, etc.

Ethnic diversity and integration is one of the main topics for the European and Slovak labor market in the coming decades. According to the European Commission, the global economic crisis contributed to the increase of discrimination on the labor market especially to the elderly,  disabled and those with minority ethnic backgrounds. This undesirable development might have a negative direct and indirect impact on the fulfillment of goals of Europe 2020. Themes of ethnicity and integration are also crucial for sustainable and inclusive growth in Slovakia. The combination of reverse demographic trends of the majority and minorities in connection with very low minority employment may have tangible effect on filling jobs in the economy, sustainability of public finances and the overall social climate in ten years perspective. Efficient and effective inclusive economic policies must be based on professional basis of a comprehensive analysis of the causes, implications and consequences, proposals for innovative measures based on domestic and international experience and social consensus. ProCeSi  has all the prerequisites to be co-researcher of this task.

The initiative ProCeSi are based on the principles of professionalism, impartiality , openness and objectivity .