Bulletin IF SAS

Following the activities on the utilisation of the time series analysis aimed at forecasting the basic indicators of the labor market in the Slovak Republic, presented at a seminar CE CESTA at Institute for Forecasting, SAS in April 2012, the authors, prof. E. Rublíková, L. Gajdosova and M. Lubyová approached to the publishing of the regular bulletin PÚ SAV "The labor market: trends and forecasting." Bulletin provides basic overviews on long-term and the short-term objectives and development of basic indicators of the labor market in Slovakia, on the interesting facts, as well as short-term prognoses based on time series based on the monthly and quarterly data. The first issue of the Bulletin (June 2012) contained the forecasts of monthly time series of develepments till the end of 2012. The best reliability has been achieved in the first quarter of the forecast. Monthly time series forecasts are updated quarterly and published in the next issues of the Bulletin on the website of the Institute for Forecasting, SAS within the project: Solving the societal challenges within the area of labor market policy based on scientific information, project number: APVV-14-0324.


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