Instructions for authors

Forecasting papers  deliver the original contributions of the Institute for Forecasting SAS researchers and their collaborators from Slovaia as well as abroad. The contributions  can be  send by researchers of any academic institutions  from Slovak Republic or abroad.
All contributions available for publication in scientific journal Forecasting Papers should be sent in electronic form to the executive editor at

Reviewers will be contacted by the executive editor according to the consultation with the editorial board. At least one reviewer must be from an external institution. Reviewers remain anonymous. Papers already published elsewhere will not be accepted for publishing. Offered contribution should not be at the same time offered to other periodicals. Contributions will be not assesed linguistic adjustment.
Contributor is responsible for the quality of English or German paper. We also ask the contributors to include the signed declaration on the European Charter and Code for Researchers. 

Abstracts and citations

Each article should composed of 3-7 key words and a short abstract in English of approximately 100 words. All references to monographs, articles and statistical sources must be indicated in the appropriate place in the text by author name (ie. the source), the year of publishing and the page number if it is appropriate). Quotation of sentences and paragraphs from other papers must be clearly identified and source citations explicitly marked by page number. Literature list is sorted alphabetically by authors and within the author/s by the year of publication.
References on literature within the text, in the footnotes and in the graphic appendix schould be presented as follows: author's last name in brackets, year of publication; If the source is not the author, it is given in brackets institution, year of publication; the resource  without author should be presented with institution and year of publishing in the bracket.
Bibliography with full bibliographic details should be indicated at the end of the article in alphabetical order.
The present contribution must include the workplace, address and e-mail contact of the author respectively authors.
Technical parameters/requirements: MS Word, Font: Arial 11 or Times New Roman 12, spacing 1.5, justified.