Research / Project´s VEGA / Structural adjustment of a small opened economy

VEGA No. 2/0058/10

Structural adjustment of a small opened economy

Duration of the project: 01/2009-12/2012

Project summary: Research on determinants affecting quality and pace of the Slovak economy convergence towards the level of developed EU member states. The research will be concerned with economic, social and environmental determinants affecting long – term economic development, as well as in impacts of the convergence process on living standards and development of the human and fixed capital. Research will be based on the long-term development trends and will utilize historical data. Main objective of the research will be identification of those specific features originated in the historical evolution of the Slovak economy, which were of an extraordinary importance in until now successful transition process and which will be important also in the future. Special attention will be devoted to the economic cycle and its relation with the real economy sectors as well as with the financial services. The research will deal with those features of economic processes affecting supply side of the economy. Special attention will be paid to macroeconomic determinants of knowledge based economy formation, environmentally sustainable economic growth and systematic improvement of the social and economic cohesion. Not only overall, but also structural aspects of the future development will be used as the basis of the research.

Principal investigator: Ing. Edita Nemcová, PhD.

List of scientific co-workers:
Mgr. Tatiana Kluvánková – Oravská, PhD.
Ing. Vladimír Baláž, DrSc
Ing. Dušan Bevilaqua
Ing. Falťanová Nasťa, CSc.
Ing. Eduard Šarmír, DrSc.
Ing. Elena Fifeková, PhD.
Ing. Andrej Čierny