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In this paper, we identify the digital gap among younger and older workers, focusing on the identification of digital silver workers who are ready to participate in digital environment without significant difference to compare to younger workers. Based on analysis of empirical data digital literacy studies, we suppose digital silver workers generation to emerge in Slovakia in period not late than 10 years, when currently generation of 45-54 years old will face the transition to late career life-stage. This period may probably be shortened due to improving and enriching of digital skills among 45-54 years old. We suppose that cultural changes in patterns of retirement and senior life stage also influence trends in human capital formation and exploitation. To the future, the polarization of digital literacy in relation to education and occupation within the particular age can be expected due to different digital literacy requirements in the labor market context, as offline and online sociability overlapping is reflected also in digital literacy development.

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Digital literacy, silver workers, digital gap, late career

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