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Cost Action A-22
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COST A-22 Foresight Methodologies – Exploring new ways to explore the future

Coordinator: Dr. Ted Fuller, Teesside Business School, University of Teesside, UK

More at: www.costa22.dk

Project description:

Slovak Republic became member of COST A-22 in 2004. The main objective of the Action was to develop certain aspects of foresight methodology so as to ensure systematic use and optimum benefit. The aim is not methodology development for all aspects of foresight but specifically for the areas covered by following working groups:

Working Group 0: Definition of Concepts

Working Group 1: Identifying Seeds of Change

Working Group 2: Integrating Narratives and Numbers

Working Group 3: Interactions between Researchers, Decision makers, and the Public


Nemcová, E.: The Slovak Foresight Programme. COST A22 Final Conference 2007. [elektronický zdroj]. Athens: National Technical University of Athens. School of Rural and Surveying Engineering, Dept. of Geography and Regional Planning, 2007. 1 elektronický optický disk (CD-ROM). Súčasťou CD je aj kniha abstraktov v tlačenej verzii

Gašparíková, J.: Is New Economic Research More Qualitative? (Treatment on Forecasting Methods)    roč. 55, č.3 (2007) s. 287 - 296

In print:

Nemcová, E.: Foresight as a Tool of Policy Formulation - the Slovak Foresight Exercise. In: Borch, K,, Dingli S.M. and Jorgensen, M.S., (eEds.) Exploring the Future:. The Role of Interaction in Foresight. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, pp.238 – 253