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ISBN 978-80-7144-255-4

Mgr. Miroslav Štefánik, PhD., Ing. Ivana Studená, PhD., prof. RNDr. Eva Rublíková, PhD., Ing. Marek Radvanský, PhD., Mgr. Tomáš Miklošovič, PhD., JUDr. Mgr. Martina Lubyová, PhD., Ing. Ivan Lichner, PhD., Ing. Katarína Karasová, Ing. Veronika Hvozdíková, PhD., Mgr. Daniel Gerbery, PhD., Mgr. M.Sc. Pavol Baboš, PhD.

Under the project: Addressing social challenges related to the design of evidence-based labour market policies, supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency, Institute of Economic Research in cooperation with other partners plans to annually publish a monitoring study about the situation and expected future development on the Slovak labour market, together with selected, labour market related topics. The structure of this publication is in line with this goal. Its first part deals with recent developments on the Slovak labour market, complemented by the results of a short and a medium-term forecast of main labour market indicators. The later part of the publication shelters several shorter focused thematic chapters, where the team of investigators provides information relevant for evidence-based policy making.