Doctoral studies programme Public Policy and Public Administration

In the term 2018/2019 the Institute for Forecasting CSPS SAS opened a doctoral studies programme Public Policy and Public Administration. The program will take place in cooperation with the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of the Comenius University of Bratislava. 

Graduates of the 3rd level of the study programme are ready to provide expert and professional activity within the public policy and public administration area with focus on the development of their own specialized scientific discipline. The graduates will master scientific approaches of gaining the most up-to-date knowledge related to them: politology, sociology, law, economy and mutual relations thereof. They will be prepared to accomplish their critical analysis and apply them in practice with the knowledge of alternative solutions. 

Concurrently will the graduates be able to contribute to the development of theoretical foundations of their scientific discipline: they will know the most up-to-date theories and scientific knowledge from the field of the public policy and public administration and the above-mentioned related disciplines and will be capable of providing solutions of their own to those problems. The graduated will be capable to put their own scientific contribution to formulate tendencies of further development of the public policy and public administration and their components within the scope of the socio-political, economic and social development of Slovakia while utilising the knowledge and experience of other EU and OECD members. The graduates will gain knowledge on the rudiments of the scientific work and on application of the scientific knowledge in practice, on ways of presenting the scientific knowledge in the context of public policy and public administration management as a scientific discipline.

Postgraduate students in this programme:

Ing. Kristína Hošová
Theme: Institutional Framework of the Devlopment of EU Manufacturing Industry
Advisor: Ing. Edita Nemcová, PhD.