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68 - 85
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Prognostický ústav CSPV SAV

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This article explores the relation between incidence of Covid (as measured by results of PCR and AG testing) and internal mobility of population among the districts in Slovakia in the period of 2020 – 2021. Based on data from the Slovak Statistical Office and the National Centre of Medical Information the correlation between particular types of testing is analysed.  By using regression analysis of aggregated annual and monthly data for individual districts the relation between results of testing and gross migration balance in individual districts is explored. The results point to existence of correlation between the numbers of PCR and AG tests done which is statistically important and positive (a positive correlation suggests that PCR and AG testing are complementary processes i.e. there is no substitution of one testing method over another) albeit rather low (from 0.5 for absolute number of tests to 0.3 for standardized number of tests for 1000 persons). Analogically the correlation of share of positive results over the overall number of AG and PCR tests in individual districts from November 2020 to April 2021 has been explored. The shares are also importantly statistically positively correlated albeit the correlation coefficient value is very low – 0.14 – which indicates differences in levels of reliability of these types of testing (especially the low AG testing reliability). The regression analysis confirms a statistically important relation between the test results (as measured by standardized numbers of positive, respectively negative tests) and the gross migration balance in individual districts. However, these results cannot be causatively analysed as yet owing to the short time series of currently available data. As for now it is only possible to ascertain the existence of a statistically important relation and expect the results of testing to be a competent predictor of internal mobility of people between Slovak districts.

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Covid, internal mobility, pandemic predictors of internal mobility

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R.Heriban. 2021. The relation between COVID incidence and internal mobility in districts in Slovakia/ PP – FAR, vol. 13, no. 2, pp. 68-85. DOI:

R. Heriban (2021). The relation between COVID incidence and internal mobility in districts in Slovakia. Prognostické práce – Foresight, Analysis and Reccomendations / PP – FAR, 13 (2), 68-85. DOI: