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22 - 39
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Prognostický ústav CSPV SAV

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The current coronavirus pandemic has hit the car industry particularly hard in several EU countries. As during the global economic crisis ten years ago, concerns about the sector's dominance turned into a real threat to their economic growth. In addition, the industry is confronted with a number of current challenges, the management of which will require far-reaching changes not only in production processes and methods, but also in the overall philosophy of the industry's development. The article focuses on the impact of the pandemic on the automotive industry, on production, employment not only within it, but also in other related sectors in the European Union. At the same time, it analyses individual measures to reverse the negative development, as well as the developmental prospects of this sector.

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Automotive industry, employment, crisis, economic growth, economic policy measures

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E. Nemcová, E. Fifeková. 2020. Restarting the EU car industry – long - distance race?. In Prognostické práce – Foresight, Analysis and Reccomendations / PP – FAR, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 22-39. DOI:

E. Nemcová, E. Fifeková. (2020). Restarting the EU car industry – long-discance race?. Prognostické práce – Foresight, Analysis and Reccomendations / PP – FAR, 12 (1), 22-39. DOI: